To build a sand castle, you need :

• 1 beautiful supervised beach (in summer : Wimereux, Ambleteuse or Wissant), • 1 Dad or 1 Mum, • 1 hat, • 1 tube of sunscreen (to protect you from the sun), • 1 bottle of water - drink regularly, • 1 snack for extra energy, • Thousands of grains of sand, • 1 bucket (or more with different sizes and shapes), • 1 rake, • 1 spade, • For the decoration : shells, seaweed...well, anything you can find on the beach !

Some tips for choosing the right place to build your castle :

• Choose a flat place without too many bumps.

• Go to the part of the beach where the sand is a bit wet. That's the secret to building a great sand castle !


Send us your best photos of your sans castle and you might see them on our website and receive a lovely surprise ;-)


Dear parents , please be attentive :

• Don't forget to protect your children from the sun : sunscreen, a caps and tee-shirt are vital for a day on the beach,

• Don't forget to sure your children drink lots of fluids: make them  : make them drink water regularly !

• Pensez à regarder les horaires de marée pour ne pas vous faire piéger,

• Be sure to respect the beach safety instructions :

              Green flag : authorised swimming area 

              Orange flag : swimming area tolerated but dangerous 

              Red flag : swimming prohibited 

              Blue flag : swimming area 

              Yellow buoys : area reserved for water sports