1 km on foot wears out your shoes... but it doesn't wear out children's tongues !
Just like real little explorers, come and discover the nature of the Grand Site des Deux-Caps: between the dunes, the white or grey cliffs, the countryside...there is something for everyone. So quick, get your walking shoes on !

Here are a few ideas :

o Sentier du Fartz trail at Wissant: 5.6km (go to the Wissant Tourist Information Office),

o The balade des Dauphins trail at Wissant (go to the Wissant Tourist Information Office),

o Balade des belvédères at Audinghen, Cap Gris-Nez: 1 km (for more information…),

o Balade des belvédères at Escalles, Cap Blanc-Nez : 1 km (accessible for pushchairs), (for more information…),


How to choose a walking trail (without difficulty) suitable for your child's age?

  • 3 years: 3km,
  • 4 years: 4km,
  • 5 years: 5km,
  • 6 years: 7km,
  • 7 years: 9km,
  • 8 years: 11km,

If your child never walks, start with a very short walk and then increase the distances gradually.

If your child walks regularly (to and from school for example), he will definitely find walking easier.

Tips for walking with children:

  • Leave in the morning when they still have plenty of energy,
  • Take regular breaks and look at the scenery, the animals, the plants - you interest your children in their environment while letting them rest !
  • Don't forget to protect them from the sun: sunscreen, a hat and tee-shirt !
  • Don't forget rainwear in case...
  • Don't forget small bottles of water and drink regularly because on the coast, with the sun and the wind, we are quickly dehydrated.