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The Grand Site de France Les Deux-Caps landscapes are an extraordinary photographic playground, with its beauty, diversity, its colors and its light,. Following the success of "the photo of the day" with more than 7,000 subscribers, we invite you to discover the concept of PHOTOSPOT, a traveling photographic tour of the most beautiful Deux-Caps landscapes.


How it works ?

The project is based on the installation of 8 spots to photograph the Deux-Caps landscapes. A support, sober and discreet, has been designed to receive all types of cameras.

This tripod is placed in such a way that the framing of your photo will be successful !
You can compare your image with the one displayed and even share it with your friends or at It will join the files of the Photographic Observatory of the Deux-Caps Site Landscapes.

These PHOTOSPOTs are located from the north to the south of the Grand Site de France, at Blanc-Nez, at Mont d'Hubert, near the north dike in Wissant, near the Tardinghen church, at the Gris-Nez point of view, in Audresselles, on the Ambleteuse dike, and in Wimereux.

This new discovery of the Grand Site de France Les Deux-Caps is a ride, where everyone can, according to their time, depending on the weather, the light or their desire, choose their PHOTOSPOT, their tour and find their pleasure to experience the Grand Site de France Les Deux-Caps feeling !

Photospot - Carte

Download the PHOTOSPOT brochure ! Put your camera, and take your picture !

Brochure Photospot

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